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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. Where is the origin of Kindori Ice Cream come from?


For more than a decade, Kindori Ice Cream – the popular natural, real fruit ice cream indulgence – has been delighting ice cream lovers in Japan and Taiwan with its yummy, healthy flavours. This cutting-edge ice cream technology was initially developed in Japan some 10-15 years ago, where carefully selected, fresh seasonal fruits are “blast-frozen” and blended with a secret fresh-milk base to deliver a healthy, natural ice cream that tastes of heaven!

Leveraging on this, Kindori Taiwan was established in 2003, fully acquiring the Japanese technology and the rest, as they say, is the making of ice cream history. With Kindori Ice Cream’s emphasis on the all-natural healthy lifestyle, it’s no surprise that it would so quickly hit our local scene. Kindori Malaysia, was set up in 2008 to focus on the ice cream retail business here. Our mission is to produce a great-tasting, natural and healthy ice cream to satisfy the sophisticated tastes of ice cream fans in Malaysia. Just think of all our yummy local fruits getting the golden Kindori touch! A royal treat for today’s health-conscious Malaysians – all of the fruity flavour and none of the guilt!

2. What is the History of Kindori Ice Cream?


The founder of Kindori Ice Cream, Mr. Shu Kakuji (80 years old) is from Hokkaido, Japan. Previously, he was a farmer who owned more than 100 cows to produce high quality fresh milk.

Due to the low demand of milk in the market, Mr. Kakuji has been forced to waste the extra milk everyday. Thus, he was awaking that he need to study another way in order to fully utilize the high quality fresh milk. Mr. Kakuji had observed and examined the market not only in Japan, but Asia. He found out that his fresh milk can be the principle ingredient in producing a high quality ice cream. In Asia, most of the countries still focusing on agriculture industry and the particular countries are famous with their famous fruit, for instance Thailand is popular in mango, Vietnam is Dragon Fruit, and Malaysia is Durian. Mr Kakuji thought that if both of the ingredients can be mixed together by using the advance technology, the result will come out with a very good product.

Again, the particular technology had proven the spirit and creative thinker of the Japanese in working hard and has took a deep consideration on health issues all the time.


3. Other than Ice Cream, what kind of products offer at Kindori kiosk?


Ice Cream Cake, Ice Cream Candy, Ice Cream Biscuit, Fruit Juice Fruit Tea & Fruit Shake (at selected outlet)


4. What is the difference between Ice Cream Cake and "Pure" Ice Cream Cake?


Ice Cream Cake = ice cream + layer of chiffon cake

Pure Ice Cream Cake = 100% full ice cream WITHOUT chiffon cake

(price also difference RM10.90)


5. What is the motto / slogan of Kindori Ice Cream?


Fresh & Natural Fruity Indulgence / Indulge Without Worries!


6. What kind of technology Kindori adopt to ensure that the fruit is always in fresh condition and retains its natural nutrients all the time?


Blast Frozen -40°C technology


7. What is “Blast Frozen” technology?


The American Cancer Society acknowledges that “frozen foods can often be more nutritious than fresh foods because they are often picked ripe and quickly frozen, whereas fresh foods may lose some of their nutrients in the time between harvesting and consumption.” 

Blast freezing, the state-of-the-art freezing technology that we use at Kindori, allows fruits to be frozen solid within minutes. This preserves all the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients in our products. It also makes it impossible for unpleasant things such as bacteria, yeasts and molds to grow.


8. What are the uniqueness of Kindori Ice Cream?


a) 100% Fresh Milk Base

Kindori Ice Cream base recipe is concocted using only 100% Pasteurised Homogenised fresh milk.

b) Selection of QUALITY Fresh Fruits

At Kindori, only high quality of unblemished, perfectly ripened fruits are selected and underwent strictest R&D process to ensure the taste is the best while not sacrificed the fruit nutrition


Zero preservatives, no colouring and not a single drop of water is added. That gives you a yummy, concentrated flavour that’s naturally sweetened with fruit sugars.

d) Made On The Spot!

We only produced the ice cream on the spot based on customer order. Every scoop of Kindori Ice Cream is made of fully natural ingredients that you can witness by your eyes. Unlike other ice cream retailers that undergo factory processing and sell you the “end product”.

e) Cleanliness & healthiness

All of our outlets have been set up with UV light/ O3 water filtration system to kill the germ and bacteria to ensure our machine and equipments always in optimal cleanliness & healthiness situation. The same system also applies on our production plant as well.

9. What are the “3 Low 3 High” values that Kindori Ice Cream benefit to the customer?


3 Low – Low Fat, Low Calorie, Low Sugar 
3 High – High Calcium, High Protein, High Vitamin


10. What is the average price range of Kindori Ice Cream?


Between RM6.90 – RM8.90 (add RM1 for cone)


11. Name one of the flavours that imported from Japan and for Kindori Malaysia use only?


Black Sesame, Wasabi, Sumiyaki Coffee or Matcha

12What is the official website of Kindori Malaysia?



13.What is the official facebook page of Kindori Malaysia?



14.Current flavours that offer by Kindori Ice Cream (and still growing!):-


Banana, Carrot, Cempedak, Coconut, Jackfruit, Papaya, Pineapple, Red Bean, Watermelon, Blackcurrant, Black Sesame, Blueberry, Chocolate, Golden Kiwi, Green Kiwi, Grapes, Lemon, Lychee, Mango, Matcha, Morello Cherry, Passion Fruits, Pumpkin, Raspberry, Rockmelon, Strawberry, Sumiyaki Coffee, Wasabi, Tomato Cherry, Green Bean, Avocado, Lime, Original, Durian, Blueberry + Strawberry, Chocolate+ Banana, Mango + Pineapple, Mango + Passion Fruit, Matcha + Red Bean, Matcha + Chocolate, Raspberry + Strawberry, Raspberry + Grape & Strawberry + Pineapple...etc.


15. What is the price of Kindori’s “DELIGHT Flavours” (Banana, Cempedak, Coconut, Jackfruit, Papaya, Pineapple, Red Bean, Watermelon, Green Bean & Original)?


RM6.90 for Cup
RM7.90 for Cone


16. What is the price of Kindori’s “FUSION Flavours” (Blueberry + Strawberry, Chocolate + Banana, Mango + Pineapple, Mango + Passion Fruit, Matcha + Red Bean, Matcha + Chocolate, Raspberry + Strawberry, Raspberry + Grape & Strawberry + Pineapple)?


RM8.90 for Cup
RM9.90 for Cone


17. What is the price of Kindori’s “SENSATION Flavours” (Black Sesame, Blueberry, Chocolate, Golden Kiwi, Green Kiwi, Grapes, Lemon, Lychee, Mango, Matcha, Morello Cherry, Passion Fruits, P, Raspberry, Rockmelon, Strawberry & Sumiyaki Coffee)?


RM8.90 for Cup
RM9.90 for Cone


18. What is the special seasonal fruit ice cream that sells at RM10.90 and only offers in cone type?




19. What are the missions of Kindori Malaysia?


  • To market Kindori Ice Cream Cake in Malaysia, and aims to become a major Ice Cream Cake Manufacturer in Malaysia market.
  • To produce a “FRESH & NATURAL FRUITY INDULGENCE” ice cream, as to satisfy the high taste buds requirement from the Ice Cream fans in Malaysia.
  • To create more flavours of ice cream especially to mix up with Malaysian fruits like durian, banana, pineapple, Jack Fruit, Cempedak & even more….
  • Allow our customer to enjoy healthy yet tasty ice cream experience – “Indulge Without Worries”!