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Why consume Black Sesame?


Sesame plants are very interesting plant, where they grow for their seeds and oils rather than for their leaves or fruits like other plants. The Chinese have been using them in their medicine since ancient time. If they are used as medicine, there must be very good benefits about them. Let's talk about it today!

  1. Rich in B vitamins and iron
    A deficiency in B vitamins and iron could lead to premature graying of hair, poor memory and hearing loss. Moreover, iron is good for those that suffer from anemia. 
  2. Encourages bone health
    Black sesame is rich in calcium and zinc, which is a good source of bone-forming minerals as well as increasing bone mineral density. 
  3. Healthy skin
    The black sesame also contains oleic acid that softens the skin and promoting their regeneration. Another substance, the linoleic acid helps to restore skin barriers and prevent moisture loss. The vitamin E in black sesame can help you to stay strong even if you age. 
  4. Boosts heart health
    Black sesame is rich in lignans (sesamin and sesamolin) that helps to lower cholesterol levels. It also contains magnesium that helps to reduce blood pressure. 
  5. Prevents cancer
    Black sesame contains substances such as fiber, lignans (anti oxidants), phytosterol (phytochemicals) that prevents cancers, such as colon cancer.
  6. Relieve constipation
    The oil in black sesame would help to lubricate your intestine while the fiber would smooth passage of your digestive system. 
  7. Lactation aid
    The black sesame contains the nutrients such as proteins that would help the nursing mothers improve their breast-milk supply.
  8. Protects liver and eyes
    The antioxidants protect the liver from oxidative damage. Traditional Chinese medicine says that the eyes are closely related to the liver. Thus, a healthy liver means healthier eyes!

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