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Reasons learning music isn't a waste of time

Reasons learning music isn't a waste of time

Admit it, we all like our kids to be smart! That's why we give them lots of tuition even at young age. Among all the academic-based tuitions, some parents tend to neglect the importance of music education to the children. Some might think that it is just a waste of time, or perhaps you might feel that the musical instruments are expensive. Nevertheless, even I admit that it is true. However, research had proven music education to bring certain benefits to the development of the children. Let's look at them. 

1. Enhance academic skills and cognitive functions

     Music and maths are often related. Learning music can help your children to better recognise patterns, divisions, fractions and etc. Music also boosts both the short-term and long-term memory. Besides that, physics is also related as the musical instruments operate base on vibrations. 

2. Improves the physical abilities

     Learning music forces one to develop their coordination skills between hands, arms, and feet while thinking at the same time. 

3. Socialize

     Music performances are often in a group that requires good teamwork and communication skills between the players. This would help the children to understand their individual role to coordinate with their teammates in group work. Throughout the practice between the teammates, your children can get to know a lot of new friends as well. 

4. Provides a healthy entertainment

     Music is another type of entertainment that might do your children better good than playing games. It is fun to entertain them while providing good lessons. 

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