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Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen Hacks

Through your whole life, there must be a time where you have to be in the kitchen, either to help in preparing food or to store the food you have bought (even if you don't cook ;)). This post share to you some interesting and useful food hacks in the kitchen. Hope it applies and would be useful to you!

  1. Remove stray bit of shell in your egg with wet hand.
    Chasing your eggshell in your cracked egg? The eggshell would come to your finger if your finger are wet!

  2. Utilise your peeler to the maximum.
    The peeler is not only can be used for removing the skin for your fruits or vegetables. If you ever need curly slice of carrots, beets, rutabagas, butter, or even chocolates, you can peel them using peeler instead of cutting them yourselves! However, remember to freeze your butter or chocolate before peeling them though.

  3. Try to keep your frozen ice cream in a smaller and fit to it container.
    If your ice cream container is cuttable, try to make it smaller and smaller each time after you eat it. It would reduces the amount of air in the container and make your ice cream nice taste last longer!

  4. Defrost your meat on an aluminium tray.
    Forgot to defrost your meat right before dinner? Pickled your meat thus cannot soak it with water to fasten the defrost speed? Try to put it on an aluminium tray! Researchers found out it would reduce the defrost time around 30%!

  5. Use straw to vacuum your air tight bag.
    Storing your food with an air tight bag but having trouble to removing all the excessive air? Try to suck out the air using a straw then! Sweet advise: be careful with the food in the bag, make sure its not something that doesn't smell good. Like you know... Raw meat.

  6. Ripen your banana in 5 minutes.
    Too lazy to wait for your banana to ripe? Bake your banana for 5 to 7 minutes in a 350-degree oven. ... There goes your ripen banana.

  7. Cut the ice cream cake before putting them into the freezer.
    Kindori serves you pre-cut ice cream cake to make your life easier as well as provide variety (different slice with different flavour). However, if you ever ordered out round cake that is not pre-cut, you might want to consider cutting it first before re-freeze them!

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